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April 2016

l have been a client of Beauty on the Grove for the past four months, and have been delighted with the fantastic treatments that Margaret, the salon owner, and her staff deliver.

This is a gem of a salon, with a warm and quirky feel. As a fellow beauty therapist l highly recommend Beauty on the Grove !

Lisa, Bow

January 2016

l have been coming to Beauty on the Grove for about two years, since getting endless rave reviews from a friend, who is a regular client, since then l have become a regular client too.

Margaret and her staff have created an oasis in the middle of the East End, combining flexible appointment times, a friendly atmosphere, and an assortment of fabulously relaxing treatments.

l haven't been to any other beauty salon since, and can't imagine changing anytime soon.

Alison, East London

January 2016

This is a great Salon, nearby in the neighbourhood and so convenient! The opening hours make it so easy to fit around my busy work schedule, Margaret and her team are always willing to fit in late appointments too to accommodate.

They offer really helpful advice, particularly how to reduce ingrown hairs on my legs and highly recommended a great product from The Australian Body Care range which has been wonderful ever since I purchased.

Would highly recommend for care, convenience and quality service and products!


June 2015

Work has been non-stop lately and my skin hasn’t been very happy with the seasons changing so I thought I deserved a little time-out to pamper myself. I went my regular Salon; Margaret Winniak runs the salon from her lovely home in Mile End. Margaret qualified in 1989 at Joan Price’s Beauty School in Chelsea, London, obtaining a distinction in electrolysis and later became a member of of The British Institute & Association of Electrolosysts (BIAE). Margaret is also a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapists (BABTAC).

Margaret is also trained in Aromatherapy, through one of Britain’s leading Aromatherapists, Eve Taylor and she is a fully qualified aerobics teacher. As a qualified teacher and NVQ assessor in Beauty Therapy, Margaret works part-time for Newham College and Hammersmith College, as well as a coordinator of the beauty therapy course at the Tower Hamlets College.

With all this experience and expertise, Margaret and her staff are highly dedicated to offering quality, affordable treatments at her Salon. The salon offers a wide range of treatments from facials and manicures to niche treatments such as electrolysis. I decided to treat myself to an Australian Body Care facial.

I have never experienced Australian Body Care products so I was quite excited. I love visiting Margaret at her Salon, she is always so friendly and makes you feel right at home. The room was so fabulous with calming music, incense and candles. I felt instantly relaxed. She started by cleansing my skin and the products smelt absolutely amazing. Whenever I go for a facial I am usually very conscience of what is going on but this time I was completely oblivious and just enjoyed every second of it.

My skin was steamed to open all my pores and then Margaret performed extractions. I had a few on my nose and one or two on my forehead. I know some people hate getting extractions but personally I love it. I love knowing that all those pesky blocked pores and blackheads are going to be completely removed leaving me with flawless skin.

After extractions Margaret gave me the most amazing head and shoulder massage ever. I work hunched over a computer for most of the day so to say I really needed it was an understatement. She worked my upper back, shoulders and my scalp and I felt just amazing.

Margaret then applied the face mask and I was left to relaxed for 10 minutes. I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I never usually feel this relaxed when I go for a facial but the whole setting was just wonderful and I felt completely at home. The face mask was then removed and Margaret performed a little bit of Reiki on me which was absolutely wonderful. I honestly didn’t want this facial to end.

If you a looking for some proper pampering then this is the facial for you. Not only was my skin left looking radiant and feeling fresh, beautiful and revitalised, I was completely and utterly relaxed. The only downside was that I then had to get the tube home which somewhat undid they good work Margaret had done but I managed to stay in the zone and float on a cloud the whole way home. I tell you, I had the most amazing sleep ever that night and I was still feeling incredible the next day.

If you are in Mile End anytime soon and want to experience something special, you should definitely book a treatment with Margaret. The Australian Body Care Tea Tree Facial costs only £33.00 for one hour of absolute heaven.

To find out more or book a treatment, visit or call 020 8980 2381

Fiona Dillon - Editor of the 'Latest in Beauty' blog -

June 2015

Always friendly and welcoming, great treatments everytime ! 

Wouldn't go anywhere else ! Perfect ! Always feel so comfortable.

Lauren from Canning Town

June 2015

l have know Margaret since the 90's, and l have had massages in some very well know London spas, and beautiful spas in Cyprus, Portugal, and Rhodes..........but  NOBODY gives a massage and a facial like Margaret, she really does care, l consider myself lucky to have such a great therapist, who offers such wonderful treatments, at such affordable prices.

Debbie from Plaistow

March 2012

I was so lucky to discover Beauty on the Grove - one of the few salons still offering electroysis- and which was actually just around the corner for me. I would gladly travel further, however, to experience this friendly and relaxing service.

The treatment is not painful at all - I actually find it quite relaxing - must be the ambience - but also perhaps it is a bit like acupuncture. Apart from the middle of upper lip which is just slightly uncomfortable. I also treat myself to occasional facial which is lovely.

I would like to recommend this salon, located in a lovely leafy part of Bow, to everyone. The beautician/owner, Margaret, will put you at ease straight away.


September 2011

I would like to recommend my beauty therapist Margaret Winniak at Beauty on the Grove to each and everyone of you!!

For the very best massage around you simply have to get an appointment! I've been coming to Margaret for probably 20 years or so and the treatment I receive always far outways the costly West End salons that always seem to disappoint me. I've also had waxing, electrolysis and had some skin tags removed (how brave!?!) and other treatments all of which are first class.

I travel from Fulham to see Margaret at her salon and every journey is worth it, for the stress busting and relaxing massage I have when I get there. My best friend Amanda was having a stressful time at work and asked me if I knew anywhere she could get a really good massage - I booked her an appointment with Margaret and now we go along together for our treatments and make a lovely girlie day of it.

My husband recently asked me if I'd like some thing nice for Valentine's day - I mentioned that I could always do with a lovely massage... so he gave me a cheque which paid for it.
Well done hubby!

What are you waiting for ladies, get booking!!

Gilly Parker-Evans.x

May 2010

I have known Margaret for a number of years, and have always found her very professional in her services as a Beauty Therapist. Margaret runs the Beauty on the Grove salon in Bow and I love her website too.

As a male client it can difficult to find a salon as most cater mainly for the female clientele. Not so at Margaret's salon.

Margaret is always very accommodating in client requests, including working evenings to assist those clients who work during the day. Most city salons work limited hours and they just didn't suit my schedule. So a quick call to her gets me an appointment. Great service.

I have used Margaret's salon for aromatherapy massages which are very relaxing and totally unhurried. And I smell great afterwards too. I have also had facials to clean up my skin from all the London muck and left feeling clean, refreshed and very relaxed.

All in all, the Beauty on the Grove salon is an oasis for relaxation and great services at great prices.

Well done Margaret and keep up the good work.



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